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Kraft Salad Bowl Paper Salad Bowl Paper Bowls Food Packing Bowl Making Machine

XZT- 150W Paper Bucket Machine is a model customized according to customer needs.
It features full servo driven technology throughout the entire machine.Servo drives work independently to control each station with remarkable accuracy and work together to coordinate the synchronized motion. It replaced the market gear / chain transmission and cam design paper bowl machine. It provides flexibility, speed, affordable capital cost and low maintenance
  • XZT-150W

  • New smart

IT6A5224 Advantage

The fully-servo paper bowl machine is a marvel of modern engineering, with the ability to provide stable speeds up to 150 servos per minute. Each servo is independently controlled, ensuring a level of precision that is unmatched in other machines. With such a high level of automation, the machine is highly reliable and malfunctions are very rare.

Operating the machine is also a breeze. With clear instructions and intuitive controls, even novices can quickly learn how to use the machine to produce high-quality paper bowls. And because the machine is so efficient, operators can produce a high volume of bowls in a short amount of time, making it perfect for businesses looking to maximize their production output.

One of the most impressive features of the fully-servo paper bowl machine is its low failure rate. Because it is so well-designed and engineered, the machine can operate for long periods of time without any issues, providing businesses with peace of mind and the ability to work uninterrupted. And in the unlikely event that a problem does occur, the machine is designed to quickly and easily identify and troubleshoot any issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring a quick return to production.

Overall, the fully-servo paper bowl machine is a true masterpiece of modern technology. It is highly stable, extremely precise, and easy to use. Its low failure rate and efficient operation make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to maximize their production output and streamline their operations. With this cutting-edge equipment, businesses can produce high-quality paper bowls in large quantities, quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime or maintenance required.



XZT-150W Paper Bucket Machine

Bowl Size

32-88oz (Max Top Dia. 185mm)


170-380GSM single or double PE / PLA coated paper

(0.25-0.5mm thickness)



Power Supply

3phase 380V 50Hz, 60KW (running consumption is 22KW)

Air Supply

0.6Mpa (running consumption 0.5Nm3/min)











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