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Comprehensive Service of XINZHITE - Paper Container Machinery Supplier

From Pre-sales To After-sales Support

Our machines are supported by a specialized sales and engineering team. Your peace of mind and timely issue resolution are still our service goals. With NEWSMART, you can enjoy worry-free on-site or online equipment support.
We provide assistance with setup before use.
Installation and testing.
Use and maintenance guidance.
Equipment troubleshooting.
Machine optimization support.
If you encounter any machine issues, we will offer immediate response through apps or video calls.

Spare Parts Support

We have a standardized spare parts inventory system that supports our accessories.
All components used are compliant with quality standards.
We guarantee the shortest delivery time and best quality.
All spare parts come with instructions.
Special parts can be customized according to specific requirements.

Our Warranty

Machine comes with a one-year warranty.
free from manufacturing defects.
During the warranty period, components and spare parts can be replaced free of charge.
Professional engineers provide fault troubleshooting and support services via user-friendly web platform.

Fast Service

To ensure that the machines are in optimal condition, NEWSMART provides 24/7 support.
Our technical personnel address your concerns through video calls to ensure that your machines are functioning at their best and your production runs smoothly.
We are committed to actively supporting you throughout the day and night.


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Phone: +86-18867769596 
WhatApp: +86-18867769596 
Address: A-01-01 Plot DouBei Village, HaiXi Town, PingYang County, WenZhou City, ZheJiang Province, China
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