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Eco Compostable Biodegradable PE/PLA Coated Coffee Disposable Single Wall Paper Cup Making Machine

Newsmart-200 paper cup forming machine features entirely servo-driven technology throughout the entire machine. Servo drives work independently to control each station with remarkable accuracy and work together to coordinate the synchronized motion. It is an upgraded version of XZT-150 and provides a higher speed, low maintenance, and affordable capital cost compared with other horizontal machines. It produces 4 oz. to 16 oz. paper cups at a speed of up to 210 cups per minute. Newsmart-200 incorporates technologically advanced performance features to improve uptime and increase production.
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Product Description

The Fully Servo High-Speed Paper Cup Machine is an innovative piece of machinery designed to meet the need for high-speed paper cup production. With a speed of 200 cups per minute, this machine ensures that operations run smoothly and efficiently, with minimal downtime.

Equipped with advanced servo technology, this machine allows for precise and accurate cup formation, reducing the likelihood of errors or wastage. The machine's fully automated features and touch-screen controls make it easy to operate, with minimal input required from the operator.

In addition to its high-speed capabilities, the Fully Servo High-Speed Paper Cup Machine is also environmentally friendly. It uses biodegradable and recyclable materials, reducing the impact on the environment. As a result, it is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals.

Overall, the Fully Servo High-Speed Paper Cup Machine is a game-changer in the paper cup manufacturing industry, offering unparalleled speed, accuracy, and environmental sustainability. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, it is an asset to any business looking to streamline their operations and increase their productivity.


Technical Specification



Cup size

4-16oz(Max bottom 60mm, top 95mm, height 150mm)


170-380GSM single or double PE / PLA coated paper

Production capacity


Power Supply

3phase 380V 50Hz, 38KW (running consumption is 13-15KW)

Air Supply(air compressor prepared by buyer)

0.6Mpa (running consumption 0.5Nm3/min)









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