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XZT-BZ Single Line Packing Machine


Product Introduction

XZT-BZ single line packing machine is an advanced and highly efficient packaging equipment designed to package various types of products in pillow-shaped bags. The machine uses a reliable and precise process to seal the bags and ensure that the contents are protected from environmental factors such as moisture, dust and bacteria.

This machine is suitable for packaging paper cups, providing a clean and hygienic packaging solution for transporting and storing cups. With its high throughput and low maintenance requirements, the pillow type packaging machine is an ideal choice for businesses looking to improve their packaging efficiency and reduce costs.

Whether you are packaging paper cups or other products, the pillow type packaging machine is a versatile and reliable option that can help your business meet its packaging needs and increase operational efficiency.

Product Advantage

XZT-BZ single line packing machine boasts a range of advantages and unique features. Firstly, it adopts advanced technology and is fully automated, offering high efficiency and accuracy in cup packaging. Secondly, its design is compact and space-saving, making it easy to operate and maintain. Thirdly, it features intelligent control and monitoring systems that enable real-time monitoring of the packaging process, ensuring precision.

In terms of technical features, the packaging machine uses servo motors that provide high accuracy and smooth operation. It also has a photoelectric detection system that enhances precision in cup filling and sealing. Additionally, it has a user-friendly operating interface that enables easy control of the machine. Finally, its compact design ensures minimal footprint in the workplace, making it a must-have for businesses in the packaging industry.

Technical Parameters

Type   of film


Option   row


Packaging   film thickness


Bag   length


Cup   diameter


Total   power

3.5   kw

Machine   dimension


Machine   weight


Product Uses

Here are some specific application scenarios for the product:

1. Beverage industry:  single line packing machine can pack all kinds of beverages, such as milk, juice, coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc.

2. Food industry: The machine can also pack liquid food, such as soy sauce, vinegar, salad dressing, ketchup, etc. It is especially suitable for catering companies, food factories, and condiment manufacturers.

3. Pharmaceutical industry: The machine can pack liquid medicines, such as oral liquid, syrup, and other pharmaceutical products. It can ensure the hygiene and safety of the products and improve the efficiency of production.

Product Operate Guide

1.put cups on the machine

2.set the parameter

3.turn on the operation button


Q1-What kind of machines do you produce?

A1- Full servo paper Cup making machine, full servo paper bowl-making machine, fully automatic intelligent cup packaging machine.

Q2- What certificates of machine do you have?

A2- CE, and more than 10 pieces of Patent of the machine.

Q3- About payment term

A3- 30%T/T in advance, the rest paid before shipment.

Q4- Warranty period of the product

A4- We offer one year warranty. And we also can dispatch engineers if conditions permit. Online instruction is also available.

Q5- About machine maintenance

A5-We will contact customers on a regular basis on how to maintain and maintain the machine. For domestic customers, we will have a master to provide on-site service.



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