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NEWSMART-200 Paper Cup Machine


Product Introduction

Newsmart-200 paper cup forming machine features entirely servo-driven technology throughout the entire machine. Servo drives work independently to control each station with remarkable accuracy and work together to coordinate the synchronized motion. It is an upgraded version of XZT-150 and provides a higher speed, low maintenance, and affordable capital cost compared with other horizontal machines. It produces 4 oz. to 16 oz. paper cups at a speed of up to 210 cups per minute. Newsmart-200 incorporates technologically advanced performance features to improve uptime and increase production.

Product Advantage

1.The conventional mechanical form uses a linkage model, where a problem in one part can cause damage to multiple parts and thus incur high maintenance costs and require a high level of repair skills. Each part of our machine is controlled independently by a servo motor, making it easy to maintain and repair.

2.The mechanical parts of conventional machines need to be immersed in oil for a long time and the oil needs to be changed frequently. The cost of oil is not low. Our machine uses grease lubrication instead of oil, making the machine production cleaner and more convenient.

3.Each part is servo-controlled independently, making it easier to control, and the servo is guaranteed to run trouble-free for 10 years.


Newsmart-200 Paper Cup   Machine

Bowl   Size



170-380GSM single or double PE / PLA coated paper



Power   Supply

3phase   380V 50Hz, 38KW (running consumption is 13KW)

Air   Supply

0.6Mpa   (running consumption 0.4Nm3/min)





Product Uses

The paper cup machine is a versatile tool that has many practical applications. It is commonly used in cafes, restaurants, and convenience stores to produce disposable cups that are ideal for serving hot or cold beverages. The machine is also frequently used at events and conferences where large quantities of beverages need to be served quickly and efficiently. In addition, the paper cup machine can be used to produce custom-branded cups for promotional purposes or to help build brand awareness. Overall, the paper cup machine is an essential tool in the food and beverage industry and is widely used to fulfill a variety of needs.

Product Operate Guide

1.make Paper Cup fan wet

2.Put the paper cup fan on the machine

3.pre-heat the machine

4.turn on the operate button

5.turn on suction button


Q1-What kind of machines do you produce?

A1- Full servo paper Cup making machine, full servo paper bowl-making machine, fully automatic intelligent cup packaging machine.

Q2- What certificates of machine do you have?

A2- CE, and more than 10 pieces of Patent of the machine.

Q3- About payment term

A3- 30%T/T in advance, the rest paid before shipment.

Q4- Warranty period of the product

A4- We offer one year warranty. And we also can dispatch engineers if conditions permit. Online instruction is also available.

Q5- About machine maintenance

A5-We will contact customers on a regular basis on how to maintain and maintain the machine. For domestic customers, we will have a master to provide on-site service.



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Address: A-01-01 Plot DouBei Village, HaiXi Town, PingYang County, WenZhou City, ZheJiang Province, China
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